Minimum Viable Product development Outsourcing in Vietnam


What is Minimum Viable Product development?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a simplified, yet launchable version of your product. Early adopters are able to test its basic features and provide critical feedback for future development.

Developing an MVP has many advantages, especially for startups. It allows you to validate your idea, verify certain business assumptions, or test the market with minimum investment. Think of it as the sweet spot between ROI and risk.

Afocus is here to assist you through every stage of the process, from conception to launch and beyond.

Key benefits:


Launch faster – It may take as little as 2 weeks or around 6 months to launch your MVP


Spend less – MVPs can be launched at a fraction of the cost of the final product

MVP development services for startups

Idea validation

We’ll thoroughly research your idea before any MVP development begins. This includes researching your business model/s, target audience, product demand and competitors.

MVP prototyping

We’ll create an interactive mockup of your product with key design features and simulated functions. It is an essential part of the MVP development process, allowing you to gather early feedback.

MVP design

Although an MVP may not be considered a fully-fledged product, it still requires a great design. We’ll design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for the best engagement.

MVP development and testing

We’ll develop your MVP as quickly and as efficiently as possible, then test it with the same tools that we’d use for a full-scale project to ensure that everything functions correctly.

MVP quality assurance

An MVP should not be of poor quality, even if it’s only a simplified version of your vision. We’ll make every effort to ensure it is of a high standard and relatively sound.

MVP launch and support

We’ll be right beside you during the launch of your MVP and provide you with all the support you need post-launch. Leveraging any critical feedback, we’ll help you scale the project as needed.

Key benefits of building an MVP


Compared to a full-scale project, you can launch an MVP at a fraction of the initial investment.

Market testing

MVPs offer you a golden opportunity to test your idea in a real market that you may not otherwise have access to.

Minimum time to market

MVPs can be developed fairly quickly, allowing you to bring your idea to market as soon as possible. 

Early feedback

The early users will provide you with key feedback for further developing and refining your idea.

Swift monetization

The income generated from your MVP can be used for further development, paving a way for future growth. 

Obtain funding

Transforming your idea into reality is an impressive way to attract investors and receive funding.


MVP development outsourcing models VS in-house


In-house MVP development


Direct management of the development team and productivity


High costs


No quick access to specific competencies


High managerial burden


Partially outsourced MVP development


Ideal resource usage


Quick project start


Average costs


Requires some micromanagement to achieve the desired results


Outsourced MVP development


Vendor management of the development team and productivity.


Access to large talent pool.


Risk of selecting an incompetent vendor.

The MVP development process

Idea discovery

The first phase is where you tell us all about your idea. This can be as abstract as you like, as long as we’re able to learn about your business goals and expectations. We may ask a couple questions to confirm or clarify a few key points.

We’ll also share some of our knowledge and experience with you, to give you an insight into what it’s like working with us.

Once we’re all on the same page and we fully understand your idea, we’ll move on to the next step.

During this phase, we’ll discuss your idea in more detail in order to define the scope of our work. This will include product specifications based on all of the information provided, as well as market research. We may also offer suggestions or alternative solutions to the initial idea if necessary.

Together, we’ll create an impressive, well-rounded product presentation that’s ready for prototyping.

If you already have a detailed scope of work, we may skip this step.


Scoping and research

Proposal and prototyping

Our team will put together a project proposal that contains a detailed overview of all the work that needs to be done, including the estimated costs.

Assuming you accept our proposal and sign the agreement, we’ll get started on your prototype.

Utilising the critical feedback from the prototype, we’ll design and develop your MVP.

Essentially, this is the most exiting phase as it will bring your idea to life. After extensive testing and final adjustments, it will be ready for market.

Development and testing

Launch and support

Our collaboration doesn’t have to end once the product is launched. In an effort to provide fantastic customer service and give your idea the best opportunity of success, we’ll be right by your side when you need us most. 

When the time comes to scale your project, we’ll help you do exactly that.


Why hire an MVP agency?

Business-first approach

The entire development process is tailored to the needs of your business. We make every effort to understand those needs prior to any work.

Comprehensive experience

We have a deep understanding of the entire product lifecycle and we’ll leverage this knowledge during the development of your project.


To establish full confidentiality, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before any development begins, if required.

Prompt communication

Since great communication is a key value of ours, we endeavour to respond to all emails and enquiries within 24 hours.

Typical roles in our MVP dev teams

A typical MVP dev team is comprised of the following roles. Additional talent may be required.

Project Manager

Oversees the entire MVP development process, including time management, efficiency and delivery.

Business Analyst (BA)

Obtains functional and non-functional MVP requirements and technical limitations, as well as defines MVP modules and integrations.

UX Designer

Designs the minimum necessary user interactions with an MVP based on UX research, as well as information architecture and conducts usability testing.

UI Designer

Visually styles the MVP interface, working closely with UX designer/s, to create something both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Back-end developers

Constructs the backend of the MVP on the server and APIs.

Front-end developer

Creates the frontend of the MVP with which the user will interact.


What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a simplified, yet launchable version of your product. It is a market-introduction version of your idea that allows early adopters to test its basic features and provide critical feedback for future development.

Why do I need it?

An MVP helps validate your idea and test the market. It can be created at the fraction of the cost of a full-scale development and takes less time to build.

How much time MVP development will take?

There are a lot of variables to take into account, but it may take as little as 2 weeks or up to 6 months to launch your MVP, depending on your specifications.

How far does my ownership extend?

You have full ownership of the entire project, including the NDA, code, design and intellectual property.

How much should I budget for an MVP app?

One of the main benefits of an MVP is the shortened timeline, which is favorable to the budget. However, the exact number really depends on the nature of your project.

What is needed from me to get started?

All we need is your idea! We’re here to help you with everything else you need to bring it to life. Simply contact us to schedule a meeting.

Will you sign an NDA?

Of course! Protecting your confidential information is highly important to us.

Which locations do you work in?

We’re based in France with Vietnamese talent, and mostly serve Western clients, but we offer our services worldwide.